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Our deep member relationships span the health care ecosystem; we work not only with leaders of hospitals, health systems, medical groups, and post-acute care providers, but also with commercial and clinical leaders of life sciences firms, digital health companies, health plans, and health care oriented professional services firms.

This expansive network enables us to see what others might miss when only looking from a single industry vantage point. We connect the dots, focusing on the interplay of stakeholders within the health care ecosystem to help our members find clarity in complexity and collaborate more effectively.

We help health care leaders to understand customers and inform strategy:

  • Understand how shifts in the market impact their organization and their role today, and in the future
  • Stay abreast of results-oriented innovation and best practices from peers across the industry
  • Influence internal and external stakeholders through objective educational material
Membership Benefits
Member-driven research
Inform decisions through reports, webinars, and presentations
Expert-led discussions and presentations
Choose which presentation you'd like our experts to bring to your organization and share with your team
Networking opportunities
Connect with and learn from other leaders across the industry

The new health care supply chain mandate

Watch to hear our latest insights, research, and thinking into what America's Covid-19 response means for the health care supply chain.

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