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As today’s health care landscape evolves, health plan leaders are dealing with new challenges: creating deeper collaboration with providers, engaging overburdened members, and expanding the scope of benefits.

To be successful, executives need to be able to quickly sift through the deluge of new ideas, pinpoint what will work for their organization's specific market, and scale these new initiatives across a wider array of members. This is the basis of what we provide.

Our research is unique. We don’t just crunch the numbers and analyze the data. We figure out what other plans have done, why those strategies were successful or why they failed, and provide you those insights.

This enables you to prioritize your time, execute on strategies that work, add tangible value to your plan today, and invest for tomorrow.

Member-driven research

Inform decisions through reports, webinars, and presentations

Experts, on-call

Access our team of research experts, who answer an average of 400 questions per week

Dedicated service advisor

Engage regularly with your Advisor to receive support and guidance in using your membership

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