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Caring for America’s seniors: A rapidly evolving landscape

Thousands of people age into America’s senior population every day, but our health care system today is not set up to care for this large, high needs group. We are encouraged to see both established and new players stepping up to improve care delivery for seniors – but despite notable and valuable innovation, we’re also seeing areas where progress is not keeping up with needs.

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Where we are seeing meaningful innovation in senior care

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Market Trends
A scan of the senior care market 

We are seeing major trends and innovative players emerging across four domains: senior living, care delivery, Medicare Advantage, and care coordination and support.

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Our assessment of SNPs

SNPs are the fastest growing type of Medicare Advantage plan and have a proven record of producing better outcomes. How will SNPs impact the health care industry at large?

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Senior-focused primary care 

Physician groups, health systems, and startups across health care are interested in building these models—but should think critically about the initial and ongoing costs.

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The future of the acute care at home model

The acute care at home model has proven to be both clinically successful and popular with patients—but its long-term sustainability post-pandemic has been called into question. Read our take to learn more. 

Our latest perspectives on senior care

Senior Care (Part 1): Specialized primary care for an aging population

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Senior Care (Part 2): The rapid growth of Medicare Advantage

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Senior care: Why the next 10 years are critical

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Caring for the aging population: What’s working and where health care needs to improve

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These 2 segments of the senior population are set to take off. Are you ready?

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